Is steam good for your face

Variety of ways done to get skin that looks more beautiful and clean. A variety of expensive treatments in beauty clinics become a shortcut for some women who are very busy, but actually more care to get beautiful skin can be done at home and with a very easy way is to steam the face.

Various opinions on the stem face exit, there are people who are pro and cons. And before discussing more deeply, do you ever think if steam face was good to skin? Or even vice versa?

Steam is good for your face

According to the dermatology namely Dr. Arash Akhavan steam explains that face is a facial care which method is ideal for patients who have skin problems in the form of pimples and blackheads that are stubborn. By doing this then face complete on steam some skin problems, namely the first is loosens dirt on pore clogging facial pores and the heat from the steam can flush the pore.

Suitable for skin too sensitive

Steam care face is very suitable for those who have a less sensitive skin to pore steaming but not recommended for a long time or no more than 15 minutes and continued with the gentle cleanser that cleans usage pore you.

Benefits of facial steam

If you do this treatment with a routine and regular basis then you will get a good result on the skin that is clean, exfoliate the skin of impurities and in accordance with what is expected.

Importance of facial steam

Facial steam is important for skin health; by doing a facial steam then pore clogged skin pores will be clean. Facial pore clogged pores causes many skin problems such as acne, infection and a very severe skin irritations. When suffering from Acne then it will develop a blemish which is dead skin cells. By doing a steam face, then it can make the face sweating and then open the pores and softens the skin layer, release impurities that cause acne so as not to remain in the skin.

Naturally, the skin releasing the sebum that helps to protect and lubricate the skin, but when the sebum is trapped inside the follicle so happens an escape in the form of blackhead. And when you do maintenance on steam face, then the blackhead that clog the skin will exfoliate. And this process also can clean the light acne; if you suffer from severe acne then you have to do a consultation with a doctor first to do steam face. When the pore is open well dung will be lost and then pore clean would be able to absorb the beauty product range as well as a moisturizer or serum used after performing maintenance on steam face.

Steam face is very important also to improve blood circulation in the face, this triggered response thermoregulating which is the blood vessels on the skin is stretched so that it is able to deliver oxygen in the skin and this is the one that make the skin become flushed, dewy and after doing a steam face. But of all the things that happened, steam the face is very efektive to eliminate toxins and steam face is very good to get rid of the toxins that cause an imbalance in the skin.

The importance of steam face more is to make the skin become very relaxed. Steam received by skin can paint a soothing effect on the system and when adding some potions or material into water vapor then it wills more good for skin health. And for a more soothing aromatherapy then you can add some herb for that matter.

Method of steam face

There are several methods to do a steam face at home easily, namely:

–          Using the steamer, steam the face bold for at home you can buy a steamer. By using this steamer then you can get the amount of steam to the skin within a fitting and very safe to the skin or not damage the skin. This tool is very easy to use and only requires a little preparation and clean.

–          Steam with a warm towel. This steam method is no less easy IE with just a sink towel in hot water and then squezee then stand up to temperature on a comfortable towel to be applied on the face.

–          A bowl of steaming water. This method is the easiest method to do because you only need to provide container of ceramic or glass, next you hang a towel on your head and the Bowl under the head then only steam and feel its benefits with the closer your face with steam coming out. But you need to note is that you do not be too close to the source of steam because it will make the skin feel burned because it was too hot.

You need to remember is to do this no more than 1 time in 2 weeks and not more than 15 minutes each time and of course desist Is steam good for your face.